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for generations to come, people will speak of the Baked Alaska Disaster of 2014. our children’s children will listen with terror and awe to the legends of the wrath of the russet gandalf and it shall live in song until the isle of albion has slipped beneath the waves. 

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I like this. I feel like I’m surround by the right kind of people and nothing is more comforting
A little box of green tea for a big mug 💚
Felt very autumnal today.
Sarah’s face🍊

"But if you’re all about the destination, then take a fucking flight."

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Thought of the day: There should be a candle that smells like a match that’s just been blown out.

Pineapple pizza and peep show
"We built this city on rock and puns."
12 days of Cornwall ☀️👫🌊💕